From 1904 to today

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1904 - Swiss chemist, Dr. Wander, invents Ovaltine while investigating the nutritional qualities of barley malt.

1909 - Ovaltine begins its great success story in the UK.

1913 - The first iconic Ovaltine press ad appears.

1919-20 Ovaltine begins to be exported to Australia, India, South Africa and other parts of the British Empire.

1932 - Athletes at the Olympic Games are served Ovaltine as a healthy boost.

1935 - The Ovaltineys make their first broadcast.

1953 - Explorer and hero Sir Edmund Hilary uses Ovaltine when climbing Mount Everest.

1974 - The famous Ovaltine 'lady' is reintroduced on new packaging.

1997 - Ovaltine Chocolate is launched to the world.

2013 - Ovaltine is now enjoyed in over 54 countries worldwide. It's the perfect comforting and tasty drink for the busy lives will live today.